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Your child's bright, beautiful future begins here! 

Private Tutoring

After more than 15 years in the classroom I am ready to share ALL my tips, tricks, and strategies to help your child be the spectactular learner that God created them to be.  


I believe that EVERY child can learn, succeed and flourish ...with the right approach!  


I am here to give your child:

  • The tools to feel confident in school

  • Strategies to be succesful in their learning journey

  • Support, patience and understanding as they learn and apply new concepts

  • Techniques for studying and time managment skills

  • Engaging, motivativating, fun, and effective tutoring sessions

  • customized, one-on-one, learning experience with a highly qualified elementary educator  

Now servicing students in grades Kindergarten-6th grade in Reading,

Phonics, Language Arts, Writing, Math, Science, History, and more! 



"When I heard Miss Kipko was tutoring I knew I had to sign my son up as soon as possible....
Miss Kipko makes learning fun. I wanted to bring my son in to help with his reading and after a few sessions I am so happy with his results. 
He enjoys reading at home because he feels more confident and it's all thanks to Miss Kipko. If there's anyone I trust with my children's education, it's Miss Kipko. 



"I am so glad we found Miss Kipko for my two kids. They dreaded reading time and were never excited about it. Unfortunately because of that they were not reading at grade level.
After the first few sessions with Miss Kipko both kids started to show interest in reading! Now they have no problem reading a WHOLE book and not just a few pages. 
Both of the kids are making wonderful, steady progress while enjoying the tutoring sessions.
Miss Kipko is truly a blessing to them and me! 



"We started tutoring with Miss Kipko and after my son's second tutoring session he brought an amazing piece of writing that he read to the whole family.
Miss Kipko has a beautiful way of bringing out the best from her students. My son comes home with a huge smile on his face and a changed attitude toward learning. It's like Miss Kipko gave him some kind of educational vitamin booster into his character.
I highly recommend tutoring with Miss Kipko!

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